Senior Developer

Keen on Adventure

Interested in Team Work

Committed to Team


Live In: Tehran, Iran


Associate of Computer Engineering

Android Developer at Sarveen Tech

Android Developer at Aseman LTD

Project Manager at AnjomanCo

Android Developer at EmaarIT

Android Developer at BidBarg

  1. Android Developer (KOTLIN, JAVA)
  2. MVP, MVVM, MVI Architectures
  3. OOP
  4. BLE, Gatt Connection, Socket, Broadcasting, Send And Recieve Data
  5. SQLite Database / ORM
  6. Familiar With Threading
  7. Using Shared Preference
  8. Google Maps API
  9. Rest API (Server-Side And Client Side)
  10. Parse And Read JSON
  11. UX/UI Design
  12. Material Design
  13. Analysis and Implementation
  14. Using Design Pattern
  15. FCM, Fabric
  16. Fluent in Design Pattern: Listener
  17. Fluent in Design Pattern: Builder
  18. Fluent in Design Pattern: Composite
  19. Familiar with Fragments
  20. English Language
  21. SSL Connection
  22. Fast Android Networking
  23. Rx Java Binding for Android
  24. Retrofit
  25. Android Annotation
  26. Android Testing Framework
  27. Espresso Test, Unit Test
  28. Third-Party Libraries (3PLs )

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